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Kansas City #1 Bounce House Rental Company

Bizzy Babies Bounce houses are more than just bouncing! Bounce houses are a great way for children to learn to balance and exercise. When kids bounce in an inflatable they participate in Aerobics. Aerobics increases the breathing and heart rate and this helps to keep a healthy cardiovascular system. Jumping, bouncing, and climbing in bounce house inflatables will increase the pumping in a child’s heart and prompt them for a healthy cardiovascular life. Calves, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles to name a few are worked out excessively when in a bounce house; due to all the balancing and shifting it takes to stand on the surface of a bounce house. Spatial awareness, agility, and balance are all improved just from jumping in a bounce house. For children that shy away from other kids are now able to engage with them by just bouncing around other kids. Bounce houses come in many shapes, sizes, and colors leaving unlimited options for the imagination and creativity of a child. So when you rent a bounce house in Kansas City call Bizzy Babies so the kids can get more than just a bounce house.

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