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soft playground rental pandemic preventi

How are we prepared to protect your babies in a pandemic?


Bizzy Babies follows the CDC recommended sterilization process before and after every soft playground rental and bounce house rental. Before allowing the tots to play we use a Blue Light Nano Atomizer and EPA registered disinfectant solution to penetrate the equipment before we allow the tots to play! 


The Blue Light Nano Atomizer is Wireless with an adjustable temperature setting allowing a cold or hot sanitation. With an adjustable spray size we are able to sanitize every seam and crack. This technology will allow  for a safe play environment!

  • High-quality nanos spray port, using PA high temperature resistant material, fast fogging, large amount of fog

  •  Pressurize the liquid water from saturated steam to 133 degrees.

  • A superheated vapor mist molecule having a diameter of about 0.26 nm, Smoothly penetrates the scales with a gap of about 1 nanometer.

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