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Kansas City Bounce House and Soft Playgrounds Changing the Party Game?

From different blocks and pieces that inspire a child to hop, jump, leap and EXERCISE! Can a birthday party have learning too? Well, Bizzy Babies is new to Kansas City and they are changing the way we celebrate kids parties in KC. Soft play boosts the motor development in children; the soft play equipment allows for safe play that builds up a child’s confidence they may lack out of fear of getting hurt. Soft play promotes children to exercise in many different ways; this is good for their muscles and physical development, but also for their mental wellbeing and spatial awareness. When engaging in soft play large and small muscles in the body is used to run, climb, and jump; this is a direct link to physical development. Physical activity helps a kid release tension and frustration, but promotes confidence and independence. So what's a good option for parties in Kansas City?Bizzy Babies! Children love the social interaction they have with their peers this improves the language skills, along with the many activities like crawling through tunnels or role playing. When children role play they will get to express their ideas, feelings, and develop friendships. Children have the option of independent play or they will be encouraged to communicate with their peers as they roam the soft playground and problem solve together.


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