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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Since most of the parents in the world are now full-time teachers; our normal routines have been busier than ever. Oh, but I get it! I’m a mother of 3 and my kiddos love to stay “Bizzy”! We opted out for the virtual school and went with some good old fashion home school. Home schooling is something I always dreamed of doing for my little ones; I just wanted it under my terms. Covid-19 wasted no time to fulfill my wish.

I have a variety of lesson plans to teach since I have two toddlers under 3 and a first grader. Day one was a rough day battling with my first grader to trade in fortnite for sight words was an obstacle. Nevertheless, we made it through the day! Stopping halfway through the day I allowed the kiddos to run wild on Bizzy Babies Soft Playground; after that they were ready for round two of “momucation”!

One activity that I tried with my 3 year old was SLAM it-to-the SHAPE (she came up with the name)! It was a very simple game, but it was very affective. After a few rounds she was able to identify ALL of the shapes on the sheet. She was very engaged and that’s one of the key things to teaching little learners. Retaining the information being displayed is important, but getting your tot to concentrate and intrigued in the activity is the GOAL. The longer we can get the little ones to sit still the more we can teach them!

Below is a link & directions to the print outs and how to set up the game! Please let me know if this helped your kiddos in the comments below. And remember keep those “Babies Bizzy”!


1. Print Out 2 Copies Printouts

2. Color Printouts (Makes for another learning opportunity)

3. Cut Out Shapes on 1 of the Printouts (These will be the SLAM it shapes)

4. Laminate Printouts or Insert Printouts in Plastic Paper covers

5. Place circle Velcro on the laminated shape print out

6. Stick a circle Velcro on the back of the SLAM it cut out shapes


Download • 34KB

Download • 23KB


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